Призоваване на принц Оробас

Тук могат да се постват различни проучвания на народните вярвания за демоните, практики за призоваване на Демон, както и Гримуари свързани с демонологичната практика.

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Мнениеот sethusa » 22 Ное 2015, 19:25

Някой призовавал ли го е?Какво иска в замяна за да изпълни желание?
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Мнениеот legion2 » 22 Апр 2016, 02:48

1. Cast a Demonic Circle, with the Candles at each point

2. Light Incense on the Altar

3. (Optional) I recommend meditating for 5-10 minutes before invoking Orobas so you can connect with the atmosphere & also to mentally prepare yourself, however if you meditated before starting than that's fine too.

4. Next you will Recite Orobas's Enn "Jedan tasa hoet naca Orobas" (pronounced- Yedan Tahsa Huet Nahka Ohrobas) use this as a mantra (Just so you know, it will come to a time where you begin to doubt if he will come, or it may be hard to say the words, this is right before he is about to appear.)

5. You will feel his presence, you may repeat the Enn a bit longer if you wish (NOTE: Demons will not always physically manifest, this does not mean you are a poor conjurer, it is a rare occurrence anyone who claims to do it every time is most likely full of shit)

6. Welcome him and invite him into your circle

7. You may now ask him any questions/requests you have (most of these should have been come up with before the ritual)

8. Thank him for coming and his help, (respectfully) tell him to return to where he came (Banishing is not necessary, you can if you want, but the less you do the more charged the area becomes)

9. Close the Circle & Ground

WARNING: Any promises made during the ritual MUST be kept, in the best situation you will lose all you gained from it, worst case the demon could attack you.
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